Release Date: 2007 | Directed by: Doug Pray.

Big Rig is a film about the soul of the American truck driver. Filmed in gorgeous high-definition from every corner of the United States, it is a powerful, entertaining, and intimate road movie about the lives and experiences of the men and women who haul every object we touch.

The first and only film of its kind, Big Rig provides a candid look at a profession that faces difficult government regulations, low pay, skyrocketing gas prices, and freeways jammed with unsympathetic ‘four-wheelers.’ But it also explores deeper questions: What is the allure of the road? What do truckers believe in? Where is their world headed?

For the record, Big Rig is not a sensationalized show about drug abuse or truck stop prostitution; these issues will come up, but rather than stereotype or glorify, Big Rig allows drivers to tell the truth about their experience in their own words.

The film was shot in four two-week tours throughout the 48 continental United States during summer and fall 2005 and winter 2006.